The People of Sails

The People of Sails

by Hailey Schap, age 10
© 2017 by the author


Back when it was safe to trust people, and safe to go outside, there was a young boy named Chris. He wasn’t a bad kid, just as your parents probably tell you, he got "mixed in with the wrong crowd."

It was the beginning of September, and the chill to the air in Sails, Oregon had just settled in. Now you probably have never heard of Sails and, believe me, there is good reason for that. But at the time, Sails was a popular place with thousands of tourists, for, in the past, it had been voted the number one place to live. The neighborhood was pleasant, the houses were huge, and the people...well, I'll get to the people.

Chris had lived in Florida for most of his life, and now his family wanted an upgrade. They packed up and moved to Sails, which at the time — except for the weather — sounded like a good idea. Chris wasn’t a very social child, so he didn’t have to worry about leaving any friends behind. In fact, he thought this might even be a chance to get to know some other kids his age.

On his first day of school, Chris showed up wearing ripped jeans and a T-shirt, which is what most kids in Florida wore. But when he got inside everyone stared and whispered about him — "New one," they said over and over. Suddenly he saw that they were all wearing the same clothes: huge jackets, gloves, and sunglasses. He ran to the principal's office, he was so embarrassed. When he got inside, words started just coming out about how sorry he was and that he didn’t know there was a uniform code.

Suddenly the principal stopped him, "There is no uniform code. The students just don’t like to expose themselves in front of new people. Don't worry, soon you will feel the same way."

The words echoed throughout his head, he barely heard his classes. His mom dropped him off at school earlier than usual that morning since his parents had to go to some neighborhood meeting to "welcome them to Sails." This time he was smart. He wore his dad's jacket, sunglasses, and a new pair of gloves. When he entered just like the day before everyone was wearing the big jackets, sunglasses, and gloves. But something started to happen, they began removing the strange outfits whispering again. Was he such an outsider that they didn't care what he wore? But that thought only lasted a minute as he realized they weren't whispering mean remarks.

"Fast" they all called in unison, "fast".

As Chris tried to understand this something else puzzled him. No, it didn’t puzzle him — it scared him. What lay beneath the peculiar clothes terrified him! Blood began pumping to his head, his heart was pounding in his chest! He told his legs to run, but a part of him wanted to know what would happen next! So, he stayed frozen in fear.

From each glove arose a small two fingered hand with sharp claws. Some of them, he observed had blood hardened beneath the nails. They also began to remove what reminded him of false teeth. This he thought would be the most humorous step of removing the clothing as he had never seen children with no teeth. But he would have much preferred that after what he saw, thousands of sharp horrifying teeth that each seemed to individually want to taste him.

As one girl began to pull back her hair he could see sharp pointed ears that looked like they belonged to a demon. Wings shot out from beneath the coats, and just when he thought he couldn’t feel any more fear, they removed the sunglasses. They stared at him with cold eyes, not dead, but alive. So alive when he looked into them he felt as if he could see beyond our world, but he did not like what he saw — fire, people screaming. He could then feel that he was going to be met by the eyes and face of death. Finally, as he now saw that the transformation was complete, he ran home.

When he opened the kitchen door, he saw his parents blowing some sort of gas out of their mouths and into bottles. He wanted to warn his mother and father, and he was going to until they turned around and looked at him with the same eyes as the students'. He didn't know what to do anymore. He was a very smart boy and he did not like the unknown, so he rushed forward and grabbed the bottles into which his parents had been breathing.

It might not have been the best place to hide but he ran back to the school. On his way there he could hear faint screams that were greatly familiar, so he stopped. When he looked down at the bottles what he saw shocked him. They were labeled Mary and John. His parents' names were Mary and John! Quickly he opened the bottles and he saw clouds rise from them into the shape of his parents.

"Listen" they said, "these people are not people, they take over human bodies to survive and, when they are finished, all of mankind's souls will be in bottles. You must tell everyone before it is too late!"

As the white cloud that was his parents floated away to the clouds, he understood what had happened. Chris no longer felt scared, he was angry. His parents were dead. The people who gave him life now did not have it themselves. They were gone, now simply a cloud among many. Soon he thought, these evil beings, whoever they are, will feel my pain!

Although he was not afraid, he would not lose sight of what was dangerous, so he hid. Though the thought of being with his parents overjoyed him he could not let this happen to another family. He could not be selfish and die, for if he did the demons would still reign in Sails and could spread to the rest of the world.

As he sat crouching in a sewer drain there were many footsteps above him. They were quiet and mysterious. Chris had been hiding for an hour and still didn’t have a plan. So, he did what his parents taught him and called the police. When he explained the situation on the phone, he was greatly surprised that they believed him, but even more so that they had a "special crew" they would send to help.

About five minutes later, he heard loud assertive steps and knew that they had arrived. He pushed open the drain to find them pointing their guns directly at him.

"Show us your eyes, ears, back, and hands now!" one of the cops shouted at him. "Don’t worry we are just being safe, you can't trust anyone now-a-days."

It was obvious that the government already knew about the strange people of Sails, although they never admitted it. They explained to Chris that he would have to tell the court everything that happened before they solved the problem. This, he figured was why the demons still lived, because no one had ever lived to tell the tale.

The officers had taken him on a plane to Baltimore, Maryland, where court would be held. They paid for his stay in an elegant hotel with staff checking on him every five minutes. His room was nice and had a view of the Chesapeake Bay. He was there for about a month.

A few days after court he was met by the officers once again. He was about to ask them a question when the kind man leaped at him, opened up his mouth, and started to change into one of the demons. Chris's surprise couldn’t be measured at the moment he saw the beast.

When he opened his eyes again he saw himself, an exact copy, staring at him laughing. For on the day that they flew to Baltimore, someone else was on their plane. Someone who heard their plan from the office window, someone who was so powerful that he didn’t need a coat to cover himself up. Now since it is he that built up his kind, anyone, anywhere could be a demon and they want you to be one too.


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