The Secret Facility

The Secret Facility

By Cody Smith, Age 17
© 2019 by the author


Adam was just a normal boy who lived in a run-of-the mill neighborhood. It was during the long summer break and both of his parents were out on a cruise. The year was 2040, technology had advanced greatly in the last 20 years. Adam enjoyed watching the news every week to see what new strange and interesting ideas that the scientists could think of. Adam wanted to become a scientist when he grew up, however, that opinion would all change over the course of the next 24 hours.

One evening, Adam and his friend Joey were walking through their local park. The park was filled with tall spruce trees and had many winding paths for people to enjoy. This was a favorite place for the two to hang out. As they strolled through the forest, they could not help but feel uneasy. Normally this was a safe place to walk, it was far from the crime-ridden northern district of their town and the people were generally nice. However, they kept seeing a tall object out of their side vision.

Just as they began to dismiss their observations, a tall and slender man wearing a black suit suddenly appeared directly in front of them, they were shocked and their hearts raced. However, the man did not attack them. He simply asked them if they would like to enroll in a program to help research for their company. Joey was excited and loudly exclaimed “Yes!”

Adam was more suspicious of the man. Why would he follow them so suspiciously? Was he trying to make sure there were no witnesses? Adam asked the tall man what he was researching and why he needed them. The man refused to reveal any more information unless they agreed. The man had been slowly walking closer to them as they talked.

“No, thank you,” Adam said.

The man suddenly took something out of his pocket and quickly attacked Joey. Joey gasped in pain, as Adam ran away instinctively. At first, Joey struggled and screamed for help, but quickly his calls for aid quieted.

Adam thought to himself that he had to find somewhere safe to hide from this horrible man. Adam began to cry as he realized he let his only friend be carried away by the man. He gathered up his courage and walked back to the field and surprisingly saw Joey laying on the ground unconscious. Somehow, the man was gone, a trail of blood was left behind as if the man was attacked by something and ran away.

“Joey, Joey! Are you ok?” said Adam. Joey did not respond. “Joey!”

Adam was worried the man might return or that creature might instead attack them. This area was known for mountain lions. His dad was mauled by one when he was a boy and lost his fingers on the right hand, he did not want to suffer the same fate. It was now turning dark, and Adam had no way of getting Joey home. Adam attempted to carry Joey home as he used to when they were younger, but Joey was just too heavy now to carry. Joey’s arm was turning black where he had been struck.

Adam once again called out to Joey, but he would not answer. Adam began to sob. As tears ran down his cheeks, he cried out to Joey. Adam knew what had happened even though he did not want to admit it. However, before he could say his final words, he heard a rustling from the tree line.

“Who’s there?” he asked..

There was no answer. The rustling only got louder as Adam’s heart pounded. Adam closed his eyes and prepared for the worst. The sounds stopped. He opened his eyes. In front of him was a boy who looked like an older version of himself. The creature in front of him was bloody and disfigured. He had many cuts on his body almost like surgical incisions. His arm looked almost robotic, yet it was rusted.

Before he could gather any more detail, the creature began to scream and howl almost like an injured animal. Joey’s body was being dragged across the ground. Adam screamed and struck the creature with his fist as hard as he could without thinking. Adam again realized this person had strong resemblances to him, only an injured version, that is. But before he could think any more, the creature used his arm to stun Adam. The pain was unbearable as Adam screamed. He fell to the ground and began to blackout.

He awoke and the first thing he noticed was the searing pain in his head. He placed his shaky hand on his head and quickly pulled it away as he felt some warm liquid. It was blood, he thought.

Then his memories rushed back into his head. “Joey, are you there?” he asked.

There was no answer. It was so dark outside, the time must have been around midnight he concluded.

“I must have been out for hours,” he said.

There was a dead silence. Not even the hum of crickets or the rustling of the trees. Using the light from the moon, he discovered that there was a trail that was cut through the tall grass behind him. He slowly followed the path through the field and back into the woods. Adam pinched himself.

“Maybe this is just a dream. Wake up! Wake up!”

It was not a dream. Adam cried as he walked, out of fear and for what may have happened to his friend.

“I hate that man!”, he said as he remembered the tall man who appeared a few hours ago.

He followed the trail for what seemed like an eternity. He pondered to himself what that strange creature that appeared to him was. “Why did he look so similar to me,” Adam thought. “Why was that thing so injured,” he wondered next. “What was that thing on its arm,” he pondered.

It might have been his imagination, or maybe he was part robot. He quickly dismissed that thought as fantasy. The person looked more human than not. In fact, it looked like him, only a bit older. It was still a teenager like Adam was. “Since he was covered in blood, did it kill someone,” he thought. Maybe he worked for that man who attacked Joey. This thought filled his heart with anger as he vowed to get revenge on both of them.

He had continued to walk until he heard a faint group of voices from far away, then a scream and gunfire, then he heard that howl. The same animalistic howl that that boy who stunned him made. He ran as quickly as he could to the sound, terrified of what he may find. One thing was on his mind, finding Joey.

At first, he continued to hear gunfire from the same direction, but eventually it stopped suddenly. He finally reached the vicinity of the sound, and what he saw horrified him. Adam saw the boy who looked like him. He was badly injured at had multiple bullet holes in him. As Adam walked up to him, the boy said, “I’m sorry I could not save you.”

“What do you mean?” Adam said, scared. The boy would not answer.

Adam watched as the boy slowly closed his eyes never to open them again.

Right next to the boy, he saw a group of soldiers and that tall man. They appeared to have been fighting something, perhaps the boy. They were all dead. Most had lacerations all over them, and their uniforms looked like they could not withstand whatever was attacking them.

Adam took a closer look at the tall man. He noticed a badge on him that appeared to be for some sort of research company. It featured a circle with the name of the company inside it. Adam then looked at the boy and noticed the same symbol on his robotic arm. Whatever this company was, it was evil and creating people like the boy.

Just then Adam heard, “There he is, get him!” Adam looked over his shoulder as he saw a group of armed men and more horrifying people running after him. “Don’t let him get away, we can’t let this get out!”

Adam gathered his strength and ran as fast as he could making sure to zig zag across the forest. He ran and ran for what seemed like an eternity.

“What were those people doing?” he thought. “Why don’t they want me to know about this?”

Just then, a group of what appeared to be disfigured people came sprinting over the ridge. They were humanoid in nature, but had various differences. They were much faster than what should be physically possible, they also appeared to be very muscular. They all were covered in dirt and blood, probably from previous people they had attacked. One was missing part of its face, one had some sort of metal attachment on its arm. Leading the group was a tall humanoid, who appeared more beast than human. As it let out a loud shriek, Adam knew that he had to get away from them, but couldn’t out run these strange beasts. Adam began to sprint away, but tripped over a large branch.

One of the beasts picked him up almost like it was nothing. As the beast eyed him down, he saw just how mangled its face was. Its mouth was drooling and its eyes were bloodshot.

Adam bit down hard on the creature’s arm, but it didn’t appear to even flinch. The beast threw Adam about ten feet into a bush, which luckily broke his fall. It still hurt though, and Adam winced in pain. He crawled off with the beasts in hot pursuit. “I can’t run forever!” he thought.

Just then Adam thought of a plan. He suddenly stopped running. “Come at me!” he yelled.

Two of the creatures ran up to him in opposite directions. Just as they were about to grab him, he ducked and jumped out of the way. They two beasts both ran into each other and were taken out. The other two beasts chased him up the ridge. Adam lured one of them near the ledge and was able to successfully trick it into falling off. Just two remained. The fourth beast barreled towards him, with teeth as sharp as sword and a mangled up mouth. Adam attempted to jump out of the way, but it had learned. He beast sunk its fangs into Adam’s arm as he yelled in pain. As the beast prepared for a second bite, Adam grabbed its sharpest fang, only hurting his hand more, and pulled as hard as he could. He heard a large snap and realized he was now holding what could be used as a weapon. With the tooth, he pierced the beasts head. The last beast was scared off by what he had witnessed. Adam fell to the ground, out of strength. He was stuck in the middle of nowhere with an army of soldiers and creatures after him with no one to call for help.

A small light illuminated the outlines of a building in the distance. “Civilization,” he thought.

As Adam limped over to the building, which was probably a half a mile away, his excitement slowly changed to dread. The building appeared to be recently abandoned. There were burn marks and bullet holes on the building. It looked like some sort of bunker. There was concrete structure encased a large, metal gate with various smaller buildings around it. The whole complex was surrounded by barbed wire, and multiple soldiers and scientists lay across the ground in front of the gate. Some appeared to be badly burned, others appeared to be running for their lives as they were cut down by something or someone.

As Adam walked into the gate, he saw a long corridor of nothing but darkness that descended at an angle deep into the earth. In the corridor, he saw signs on the wall which lead to even more doors and tunnels.

“Someone could get lost in here,” he said. “What is this place?"

The damaged signs on the wall had that same symbol that the soldiers and the tall man had been wearing on their uniforms. Is this where those creatures came from? He then remembered the boy who he first met, the one that had taken Joey, and the one that appeared to kill the soldiers. Was he trying to save me? And why did he look like me?

He realized that theory may have been true the more he thought about it. “Maybe he was trying to bring Joey out of danger, and trying to stop those soldiers from reaching me,” he concluded.

The facility creaked, and it felt the colder the deeper he went. Only a few lights were on and the signs labeling the rooms appeared to be more of a laboratory than a bunker — Testing Room 1, Experimentation Room 5, Biological Storage 3.

He became even more confused when he saw rooms dedicated to Mind Control, Telekenis, Physical Strength Technology and Body Improvements, and other words he did not know what they meant.

“Is this some sort of science laboratory," he wondered. “Why is it so decrepit and in such bad condition? Why does it have the logo where all those people who tried to attack me came from?”

He concluded that he must be in some sort of high-tech research center. It was 2040 after all, the signs on the wall were not too far-fetched from reality to be true. Its location underground and in the middle of nowhere must be for secrecy. He could just imagine what chaos the technologies he saw would cause. Adam loved technology and wanted to know more about these cool inventions.

What he saw next startled him. “Cell Block B,” he read aloud.

As he creaked open the door, he saw a severely damaged room. It appeared there had been a breakout. Each cell contained a name and an info card. “Timothy Williams, age 28, body modification.” The info cards appeared to give the name of the prisoner, their age, and what they were researching.

A horrible realization hit him: this facility was using humans as their lab rats. No wonder those soldiers didn't want him to find out about this place. If the crimes this research center was committing leaked, the nation would be outraged.

One cell had the name “Adam."

“That’s my name,” he thought. But when he read the rest of the name card he jumped back in shock. “Adam Johnson, 18, time control.”

This was the boy/creature he saw earlier. He was Adam. Adam was him. The boy was just three years older than he was. The Adam from another timeline must have used that device on his arm, a time controller, to go back in time in order to save the past Adam from the same fate of falling into the hands of these evil scientists.

“That boy is me!” he exclaimed. “He died trying to change my future because he knew what I would have gone through! But he died though trying to save me, what will happen to me?”

Just then, the door behind him creaked. A scientist in a black lab coat walked in. “Well if it isn’t Adam Johnson,” he said. “You are coming with us.”


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