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I love the library because...

I am a regular visitor to my library branch in Randallstown. Well, at least I was.  

When my library started their curbside service, I was there on day one and couldn’t have been happier. I love my books on CD and Playaways, as well as books, and this truly helped me throughout the pandemic. Going weekly to pick up my many items put on hold made me smile and really kept me going.

I miss my wonderful staffers so much. I offered to bring them homemade treats that I was used to dropping off but understood when they said not at this time.  

Everyone at MY branch is so kind and helpful and have become my friends.  

One day I was brave enough to ask for librarian help in learning how to download books to my kindle, which was truly another bonus. I was treated with such kindness and caring as I’m technically challenged, and Erin was perfect for me. I’m most appreciative and grateful.  

I’ve even taught other friends how to put books on hold and enjoy the curbside pick like I have. 

 Bunny K. 

Hello! I’m a 6th grade boy at Ridgley Middle School. I love reading. I’ve read Harry Potter multiple times and find myself laughing at different jokes each time. I get books from the library every week, and though I don’t read as often as I did in the summer, I always have time for a book. In fact, my love for books have prompted me to write my own! I have great ideas, but I have trouble putting them on paper. I do have a book (one of my favorites so far) that I’m halfway done with. I get really good grades and I play a lot of sports, including soccer, basketball, lacrosse, and I’m on a cross country team. Maybe we have something in common? (Apart from the love of books, of course.) I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into a new life, different life, my life.

Your favorite reader,


I love to read. The library has been wonderful during this pandemic, especially to those of us who have been shut in for a year! 

Eunice F. 

When we were dating and into our early married years, my husband and I used to go on date nights to the library and even joked about getting married at one because we both loved it so much. Along came two children, and we grew to love Baltimore County Public Library even more: story times, Baby Booster kits, special programs, take-home art and science projects and so much more! Now, our daughter is 5 and an avid reader. Our son is 3 and is learning a lot about how to research new books for our requests list. We go to pick up curbside each week and average about 30 items each time. The staff embraces our large number of requests and adds to the joy that is harder to come by during the pandemic. Thank you, Baltimore County Public Library, for being an incredible part of our community! We can't wait to continue to grow with you as our kids get older and the pandemic subsides.  

Lisa R.

Even before the pandemic, the Baltimore County Public Library bookmobile served us at Mercy Ridge so well. The librarians on board would make sure I got on and off safely, suggest books, look up authors, reserve books, and more. Since our quarantine, you've taken my reservations by phone, picked up my returns, delivered new books and been so polite and helpful through it all. Thank you for keeping up more morale and sanity with your extraordinary service.

Elizabeth H.

The library is a safe place for the community to explore and learn about the world and their interests. A community without a library is less vibrant.

Megan H.

1 A great source of continuing education opportunities
2 Wonderful programs for my grandkids
3 Excellent inventory
4 FANTASTIC helpers!
5 Good communication

The Hereford team is THE BEST!!
Gary W.

It is a place that values education in all of its forms and somewhere that my son can experience the many different forms of knowledge and find the things that he is interested in.

Leah P.

Dear Library,

How do I love thee let me count the ways? Well, for one, not only did you give me an outlet for adventure in reading books, listening to music and even helping me to declutter in a pandemic, you also helped me cook and bake more, which, of course made me gain weight and then find information on proper exercise to remove that weight.

What was even more to love about the library was that it allowed me to be part of that service for 30 years.

As a former employee of Baltimore County Public Library, I personally saw how the love of books and media helped so many people, internally and externally.

I witnessed recent high school graduates prepare and land their first job, apply for college, enter that college and go on to have stellar careers.

I watched brides use your resources to plan and create the most beautiful day of their lives.
Then those same brides prepare for the birth of their first child by checking out every resource of what to expect when you are expecting.

I witnessed ex-offenders get their GED's and become productive members of society.

I watched children dance, sing and play together, and not worry that the other child did not look like them while in attending awesome story time programs.

I have seen lives in a customer's world saved because we had a resource that they needed.

I watched people treat other human beings decently who were homeless and just needed a safe haven for a few hours to be warm, relax and read, watch reruns of favorite sitcoms on computers or complete jigsaw puzzles.

I watched a program bring so much joy to so many faces of young people who would or could not have attended their prom because they did not have the means to purchase their attire. Donations given freely to make it better for someone else.

I could go on and on as to why I love the library. It is and always will be a staple in our society, no matter the resources provided, lives can be better.

To finish this love letter, I will just use this catch phrase echoed through many generations, and I quote, "Take a Look, It's in a Book, the Reading Rainbow."

Angela B.

The Towson Branch does a fantastic job at nurturing my love of reading and helping me feel engaged with my community. It is the reason I love living in Towson!

Salimah I.

The staff are friendly, courteous, and helpful. I really enjoy using the Cockeysville Branch.

Patty S.

The library (especially the Cockeysville Branch) has been such a special part of an incredibly difficult year. My family loves visiting the library for curbside pickup. The staff is so kind and attentive and is always willing to pick out a special book for us. We have all been reading so much over the past year. Thank you BCPL for keeping us reading and learning!

Lauren M.

I love the library because...You have been so amazing throughout the pandemic, making books available in a safe way from early on. The book bundles you created are brilliant and tremendously helpful in keeping my 11-year-old son and 2-year-old granddaughter busy!! THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!

Yael Z.

The librarians are unfailingly kind and patient with questions and with bringing books to me (like Christmas presents!) in my car. I have relied on library books to get me through this pandemic...they have been a constant source of entertainment and new knowledge. Thanks!

Barbara J.

Second only to my church which thankfully opened in June, I am anxious to return to my Catonsville Branch. It is my home away from home and also my office. I do not own a printer and I could have free printing many times at the beautiful and modern Millers Branch of the Howard County Library, but I prefer the friendliness and cozy atmosphere of the Catonsville Branch. I applaud the extra work they are doing to deliver books right to the car and now a surprise bag which I am enjoying thoroughly. I love my library and the folks that work there. Thanks for helping with our sanity during this COVID-19 time.


I love the library opens the doors of IDEAS and BEAUTY!

Carol Z.

I love the library because... Back about fifteen years ago my husband and I were very poor, and we could not afford internet or cable at home. I used the computers at the library so much, that I had my library card # memorized. We also rented every single DVD you had in stock and learned a lot along the way about the ocean, the world, etc.

I didn't really check out any books because one of my eyes doesn't work correctly and it is challenging to read, but there are so many other resources at the Baltimore County Public Library besides books.

Thank you for staying free to everyone.


I love the library because...It's been there for me my whole life! I've been a patron since about 1960 and remember clearly my first library card — paper (sort of), with a black stamped star indicating "juvenile." My first branch was the Parkville Branch, next to Weber Moving & Storage on Harford Road — with the big truck up on poles as a sign! Later, my dad and I started using the Perry Hall Branch. His taste was for books by Hammond Innes and Alistair Maclean, and he introduced me to them, and many more. On my own, I discovered Arthur C. Clarke and Robert Heinlein. In the nonfiction section, I also discovered humorists — Clarence Day and James Thurber, Bennett Cerf and Ralph Reppert, a local. I also discovered music of all sorts — phonograph albums by The Jefferson Airplane, the Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan. My favorite albums from these groups are not their most popular, but rather, those I discovered in the BCPL — John Wesley Harding for Dylan, Their Satanic Majesties Request from the Stones, and Crown of Creation from the Airplane. The accessibility of the materials in the library encouraged ventures into new and unfamiliar authors and artists!

In March of 2020, after hearing that the library would be suspending operations due to CPVID-19, my wife and I went to the Perry Hall Branch to stock up. I discovered The Orphan Mother, by Robert Hicks and many other books. After we'd exhausted our stash, I began downloading books from the library via Libby and Kindle. When the library reopened for pickup, I ordered We That Are Young by Preti Taneja, and The Last Man by Mary Shelley — yes, that Mary Shelley. Begun in 1818, it's the story of a pandemic in 2073. The library didn't have a copy, so you obtained one for me from the Enoch Pratt Free Library, published in 1965, so you could say that I've come full circle.

Baltimore County Public Library has always been there for me through all phases of my life. I researched many term papers — in high school, in college, and then in graduate school — at the original Perry Hall Branch. When my own children were young, going to the library was a proven adventure. Our granddaughter enjoyed Storyville at the Rosedale branch, and was broken hearted when she outgrew it. She's a voracious reader, too! When I fractured by neck in an automobile accident, you had audiobooks that I could listen to. I believe that the library has done an awesome job evolving with the times and is a terrific asset for the community. Thanks for always being there, and thanks for the profound influence that you've been on our lives!

Jeff C.

Thank you for seeing our family through this pandemic. It isn't always easy to find joy right now and we have listened to audio books in the car, read them together with our boys snuggled on the couch, escaped with new novels before bed, and helped our children continue their education with lots and lots of books! My first grader has moved through Level 2 Readers to 3-5th grade Cressida Cowell novels in the last 10 months. Many thanks!

Elizabeth P.

I love the library because I can read so many books all the time for free, but I really really, really love the library right now because you started a teen Discord server that my son joined last year. During this time of isolation, he's made actual friends on that server and participated in lots of games and programs that the library made available. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! You've had an incredible positive impact on his quarantine social life/hobby exploration.

Andrea M.

The Library has really come through for us during this time of COVID. The staff is so friendly and caring, and I am so grateful that everyone can pick up books, safely. Thank you for being there for the community!

Glenna R.

Everything I need, I can find at the library and if it's not there, the library can help me find it — a window to the world. And Baltimore County Public Library is the best! The staff at all locations is always so friendly, patient, helpful and knowledgeable. And during the pandemic, so many supportive accommodations have been made. So much gratitude and appreciation for Baltimore County Public Library!

Winnie D.

Today Is Library Day

Four boys sprawl
across the living room
around a nearly empty
library bag,
each boy landing
wherever he found
the day's first treasure:
a book so precious
he dares not spare the time
to move into a chair
beginning the adventure,
leaving on vacation,
solving a mystery, or
traveling through time.
For today is library day.

An unusual silence fills the room
a stillness broken
only by the turning of pages.
My boys are not here.
They have left to
see the pyramids,
ride upon a dragon,
journey to a far-off cave,
adventure beyond the hall,
rescue a baby penguin,
discover a secret long hidden,
save the world,
meet new friends
and revisit friends of old.
Today is library day.

Eventually my boys
will emerge:
to search the library bag
for their next book,
to share a funny line
from a page they read,
or to ask me to read to them.
Until then, in the silence I will sit
and travel back in time myself
on my own adventure,
thankful for library day.

- Amy P.

My great thanks to BCPL for the many special experiences that you have brought us. My boys (and husband and I) have enjoyed countless books from the library over the years, and especially this last year. COVID shut down many of our favorite places to visit, but I must say that it was the library I was most excited to have back. I appreciate the creative ways you employed to again open the libraries for book distribution (and for online activities) while seeking to keep both the library staff and the community safe. This poem is my small gift back to you, inspired by what you do (and by what I get to experience each week when we bring the bag of library books into the house).

My family loves to read daily! E-books and print, and all from the library, of course!

Kathleen M.

I love the library because it's an open, diverse, inclusive, creative and curious place. The website, services, and staff are excellent. It curates a great collection, and I love Libby and audiobooks! Thanks for helping keep us sane and feeling connected through Covid. And welcome Sonia! Very excited for you to join and lead this wonderful organization!

Annukka A.

I love the library because it is helping to turn my 7-year-old son into an avid reader! We love the wide range of books available, and it has been so much fun seeing him get excited every time we pick up a new supply. I am also a big reader and it has been a huge source of stress relief for me during this pandemic. The staff at the Arbutus branch are all so friendly and helpful. I love the drive-through window!

Megan L.

Dear Libraries Everywhere,

Since grammar school, books have been my perpetual friends. I grew up in Baltimore City and remember walking to Branch 4 and Branch 13 libraries to return and select new books. My girlfriends and I would sit on our marble steps and read until dark. What lands we traveled to and what adventures we undertook!

Much older now, I still journey to the library to find companionship from books and people. I enjoy Book Club with the lively discussions and the many programs offered for my grandchildren. When I arrive at the library, I feel a sense of home and comfort.

Thank you, dear libraries and librarians, for the many years of friendship and fun you have given me.

Leah B.

I love to read and the library — especially Cockeysville Branch — has supplied me with endless books, ebooks, movies and friendly service, even in the pandemic. I miss going in, but I am so thankful for curbside service. Thank you!

Judith J.

It helps me really explore a wide variety of interests without sinking myself deep in debt spending a fortune on books and information I just want to skim, not reference for the rest of my life! It also helps expose me to multiple sources and decide which author I would like to be my mentor going forward. Thank you so much everyone!

Sallie P.

I love the library because it provides me with a way to escape through stories and to learn new things. The selection is more than sufficient to find all types of genre to appeal to my different interests including arts and crafts, humor, romance, nonfiction, music and more. There is a generous supply of my favorite authors and many more that I keep discovering.

I love the programs past and present including Coloring for Adults, classes on Nutrition, author visits, Sit and Stitch on Saturdays, games, entertainment for the whole family and more.

I love the Cockeysvlle branch because the staff members are friendly and very helpful. Eleanor, the black bear, is always dressed in something appropriate for the season. I miss seeing her with curbside pickup. I forget she's in the window.

I love that we can obtain library materials thru curbside pickup. I love that we now have five renewals on most items, and I love that fines are not being charged for now.

There is so much more that I love about Baltimore County Public Library, including magazines, children's books, reference materials, the staff members who are always available to help when I have a problem and the hold feature that I've used many times even before Covid. I like the many branches, each with their own personality and inviting ways materials are available.

I hope our relationship continues to provide books and more for the benefit of generations to come.

Carol C.

I am Braithe. I am 8 years old. I love the library. I read every day: In the morning and at night. My favorite series of books are: Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia (Currently on 5th book of The Chronicles of Narnia. Finished Harry Potter). I love to read action and adventure books and also mystery books.

Love, Braithe

When COVID hit last year, we mourned the closing of the library the most. As we waited for our local branch to re-open, we spent hours in the catalog putting books on hold. It is a lifeline for us, and we feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful branch with dedicated staff. 

Angela B. 

Librarians find the scholarly, academic, and unusual books that I want to read through interlibrary loan and get them for me. And the library brings them to me. Nothing is more important to me than reading. It would be a tough life for me without the library. 

JoWynn J. 

When COVID hit last year, we mourned the closing of the library the most. As we waited for our local branch to re-open, we spent hours in the catalog putting books on hold. It is a lifeline for us, and we feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful branch with dedicated staff.

Angela B.


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