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With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we want you to tell us why you love the library! Write a love letter to the library telling us what your library means to you by honoring your favorite branch or staff member.

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I love the library because...

Your love letter here...

When I was a little girl, my mother used to read to me every night before bed. Sometimes she would read some of my favorite stories in funny voices which I loved. While we were by no means rich, my mom always made sure I had books for her to read to me and then, when I was older, for me to read myself.

When I entered school, I was introduced to our school library — what a wonderful place! I could borrow books, read them, bring them back and get more! Library day was always my favorite day of the week. Later, in elementary school, I was introduced to my public library — this was an even more wondrous place! More books to read than I could possibly imagine! And I could read them all for free! Some of my favorite memories include my dad driving me to the library where I could wander around and come out with an armload of books to read.

Reading has been my constant companion for my whole life. It's an escape, a comfort, a reliable friend when things get tough. Thanks to my library, no matter what else is going on I can always get a book (or ten) from my library to read. Even through the pandemic (which actually increased my time to read!), I was always able to access books, if not in person, then electronically. Having a library close to me has always been a privilege as well as a requirement when selecting a place to live. I love my public library!

In honor of Arlene Peirce.

Emoji Lisa R.

Let us count the ways we love you Perry Hall Branch!

We feel so blessed to live by one of the best Baltimore County libraries. Even before Covid, you had drive-up services which makes the library such a wonderful resource to take advantage of. Being able to order materials and pick them up has opened up a wonderful world of resources for our family. We love having such a wonderful library nearby to make a regular weekly trip to. Time doesn't allow us to come into the library very often but when we do we enjoy all of the creative decorations that Perry Hall has to make the place come alive. Our favorites are some of the book sculptures and amazing paper crafts. The snowman book tower was a favorite. They really put a lot of creative energy into the library which is inspiring. We have enjoyed many wonderful programs in the big community room over the years and we have especially enjoyed some of the art programs and animal shows. This summer we enjoyed being a part of an outdoor hula hoop event. So fun!

During Covid, we really appreciated the library offering free printing services. My teenagers really enjoyed being creative and were even inspired to start a family newspaper to share news with a grandparent in the hospital and rehab. Thank you so much for offering that service. We really appreciated it. My son was excited to participate in the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program, and was thrilled to receive his medal after working hard on that. We are very thankful for the wonderful blessing a good library is in a community, and we are so thankful to have one nearby for our family. The friendly and caring staff make Perry Hall Branch shine. Thank you Perry Hall Branch for being so excellent. We love you!

In honor of the Perry Hall Branch.

Emoji The Moore Family

Thank you so much, especially for the bookmobile, for keeping us seniors in touch with the world during the pandemic. In a time when so many of our fellow citizens lack sense, you lift the lamp of sensibility.

Emoji Anonymous


I’m so grateful to the Baltimore County Public Library for all of your efforts during Covid-19. The digital lending library was a wonderful way for me to continue my love of reading without leaving the house.

Emoji Myrna C.


Very friendly and knowledgeable. Always there to work even during library closure due to the lockdown.

Emoji Patricia S.


Storytime is great. Everyone is always friendly to my family and my toddlers. We love coming to play and read books.

Emoji Kristen K.


The staff at Perry Hall are personable, courteous, helpful and professional to the nth degree. Each and every librarian, as well as the support staff, should be complemented and acknowledged for their work.

In honor of the Perry Hall Branch.

Emoji John C.


I appreciate the Cockeysville librarians as they are always very helpful and knowledgeable. I also enjoy the book stand with the Staff picks. It adds that personal touch! Thanks for all that you do!

Emoji Stacey H.


The people who work at the Towson Branch are killing it! Thanks for giving out the COVID tests, managing the queues, and treating everyone with respect. It's always a pleasure to go to the library, but it has been a godsend during the pandemic.

In honor of the Towson Branch.

Emoji Janice F.


I love the library because they always have the books that I want to read, or they are able to acquire them. I love the hold service and the ability to schedule a book request. I love being able to pick a random movie, whatever strikes my fancy that day. I love the suggested titles, the local history, the book club service and the beautiful building. It feels unreal to have such a wonderful collection resources walking distance from my home. Thank you! 🙂

Emoji Deanna E.


I love the bookmobile and all the great people on board — helpful, patient, kind, knowledgeable, etc.! Life is better with them around.

Emoji Sandra H.


We have been coming to the library almost weekly since my son could walk! He is now 7 and a half and loves coming. We love to reserve books, pick up and see what is new. Our Cockeysville Branch is our local and our favorite! Everyone is so helpful, and we love coming back week after week. Thank you for all that you do!

In honor of the Cockeysville Branch.

Emoji Louie, Ana & Maximo P.


I have been a library patron for as long as I can remember. Books sustain and nurture me. They have been a comfort and a treasure. Words from stories come out vividly. The Parkville-Carney Branch is my favorite branch. Kudos to all librarians and staff of this wonderful institution. May you thrive even more. Thank you.

Emoji Mildred B.



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